Grasse, the cradle of perfumery

Provence and the Grasse area are closely tied to the history of Dior. It was there that Christian Dior, a lover of flowers, chose to have his holiday home, the Château de la Colle Noire. Today, Dior has chosen the incomparable climate of Grasse and its unique terrain to cultivate its May rose and jasmine.

La Colle Noire

Christian Dior decided to move to the Grasse area in 1955. In Callian, Provence, he purchased a magnificent property, the Château de la Colle Noire. The couturier appreciated the sunny, tranquil nature of the hinterland of the Côte d’Azur.  With his passion for nature and botany, Christian Dior particularly loved this sumptuous estate. When he stayed there, he felt more of a perfumer than a couturier. Its fifty hectares enjoyed the ideal climate characteristic of the region. He therefore grew the flowers that he so loved and which are already the signature of Dior perfumes.

"I wanted it to be my actual house." Christian Dior

The Domaine de Manon

Continuing a long tradition of excellence, Dior travels the world in search of the very best raw materials with which to compose its perfumes. François Demachy demands the excellence of Grasse's fields for two of Dior's emblematic flowers: the May Rose and the Grasse Jasmine. The Perfumer-Creator has established an exclusive partnership with the Domaine de Manon, which has belonged to the same family for over three generations.

The Domaine de Manon grows its Grasse Jasmine and May Rose flowers to the highest standards.  These flowers are a notable part of the composition of J'adore L'or and are cultivated with extreme care. Their quality is constant and rigorously controlled. Christian Dior perfumes meet the unique quality standards that have become a distinctive characteristic.