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Grand Bal

A radiant jasmine that elegantly embodies the intoxication of a summer's night at the first light of dawn

Fascinated by the excess of grandiose balls that he never missed for any reason, Christian Dior exuded in his own way a certain air of festivity, luxury and timelessness.

Grand Bal elegantly embodies the intoxication of a summer's night at the first light of dawn. Like the most beautiful of gowns, its radiant composition, dominated by Grasse Jasmine, conceals noble raw materials.

"Grand Bal is an echo of Christian Dior's great ball gowns, whose full skirts and beauty evoked the petals of a flower in full bloom," François Demachy.


  • Top note


    From the exclusive House of Dior harvests at the Domaine du Manon, Grasse Jasmine shines in the composition of Grand Bal. "The scent of Grasse Jasmine is unique, distinguished by its rich facets and its fullness. It cannot be confused with any other," François Demachy.

  • Heart note


    Grown in Mayotte, fresh Ylang-Ylang flowers are steam distilled, providing an essence cherished by the perfumer. In Grand Bal, Ylang-Ylang forms a radiant partnership with Jasmine, with which it shares certain scent notes, adding elegance, roundness and originality to the composition.

  • Base note


    The best quality Sandalwood is cultivated in India and New Caledonia. Appreciated by perfumers for its warm, balsamic notes, Sandalwood adds roundness and sensuality to Grand Bal.

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Grand Bal