A refined Cologne inspired by the Royal courts of the 18th century


Cologne Royale is a noble Cologne, inspired by the Royal Courts of the 18th century, of which Mr. Dior was so fond.
“An inevitable exercise in style for a Perfumer, where the quality of a fragrance entirely depends on the quality of its ingredients, and its citrus fruits, in particular.” says François Demachy.

Perfumer's words

The cologne accord follows the strictest codes of style in perfumery. The quality of the fragrance is fully dependent upon the quality of the ingredients used, citrus fruits in particular. So, naturally, I sought out the most fragrant notes I could find to compose Cologne Royale.
François Demachy


  • Top note BERGAMOTE Reggio di Calabria d’Italie
  • Heart note ITALIAN MINT
  • Base note Sandalwood from India & New Caledonia


Travel case
Travel case

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  • Base note BERGAMOTE Reggio di Calabria d’Italie

    This bergamot, collected in Reggio di Calabria, undergoes a gentle treatment that preserves all of its aromas. Its fragrance blends the sparkling facets of citrus fruit with softer and more floral facets that accentuate the wonderfully fresh top notes of Cologne Royale.

  • Base note ITALIAN MINT

    Mint, the ultimate Mediterranean plant, is grown in Italy for Cologne Royale. This herb gives an unexpected signature to the fragrance by bringing out all the freshness of the citrus fruit.

  • Base note Sandalwood from India & New Caledonia

    The highest quality Sandalwood comes from India and New Caledonia. Prized by perfumers for its warm, balsamic notes, Sandalwood infuses Cologne Royale with fullness and sensuality.

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Cologne Royale