Open a bag, plunge into the depths
of a lived-in leather and unearth its secrets


Cuir Cannage is a diverse fragrance in which soft floral notes blend with the density of leather to open up a whole new realm. It recreates a world of intriguing scents that intertwines the fruity notes of a lipstick tinged with Rose and Violet along with more powerful scents, in which the leather of the bag meets the warmth of tobacco. Cuir Cannage appeals to the senses, like an olfactory portrait painted with personal and subtly scented objects, protected by the finest cross-hatched leather. The Dior way.

Perfumer's words

A leather composition is an exercise in style. With Cuir Cannage, I wanted to compose a leather fragrance blended with floral notes that renew this intensity. A sensual fragrance that conveys the intimate scent of the inside of a Dior bag.

François Demachy


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Travel case

La Collection Privée Christian Dior now features modern and sophisticated travel cases. Genuine objects of desire specially designed for travel. Created to hold a selection of fragrances from La Collection Privée Christian Dior, this spray is the ideal travel companion.

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Cuir Cannage

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      Bitter orange blossoms are extracted to obtain Orange Blossom Absolute, while Essence of Neroli Blossom is obtained by distillation. A common ingredient in oriental fragrances, Orange Blossom is used to bring out certain fruity notes in floral fragrances.

    • Heart noteJASMINE

      A symbol of feminine softness, Jasmine is one of the flowers used the most in perfumery. Its delicate scent can be a fragrance all on its own.

    • Base noteLEATHER ACCORD

      A Leather fragrance is an exercise in style that begins with a desire to convey the scent of one of the world's finest leathers:
      Russian leather. Tanned with charred birch bark, this exquisite, legendary leather emitted warm and enveloping notes that perfume creators were soon scrambling to recreate. And so a leather note was born, obtained from "pyrogenic" Birch Oil.
      An overheated, "caramelised" note that is the signature of this highly distinctive olfactory family.