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Capture Totale

Intensive Night Restorative Cream

All of Capture Totale's Anti-Ageing expertise for total beauty on awakening

With Capture Totale Intensive Night Restorative Cream, a pioneering treatment with a concentrated formula, the skin is more beautiful and visibly younger upon waking.

Kalamansi is an exceptional active ingredient providing stem cells with the energy they need to function at their full potential during the peak in night-time regeneration, thereby repairing the skin deeper than ever before. The formula includes a high-performance anti-dark spots active ingredient: extract of Evening Primrose. Part of the Capture Totale range, the ingredients in this formula protect the stem cells to retain their natural NGF** production, a natural stimulant in consolidating the structures of the dermal-epidermal junction*.

This avoids the build-up of melanin in this area, and unlocks trapped pigment amalgamations. Dark spots fade away whilst melanocytes remain dormant.

* In-vitro test

** Nerve Growth Factors

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Capture Totale
Intensive Night Restorative Cream