The secret to a new type of hydration was found in the heart of the Dior gardens. This hydration infuses the skin, enhancing and actively prolonging its youthful beauty.

Three botanical wonders from the Dior gardens

Dior chose the 3 Hydra Life plant extracts -  Jisten, Centella and Black Rose - from its own private gardens around the world where they develop astonishing properties. Dior has extracted and enriched the purest plant fraction creating an incomparable rejuvenating effect in one single application.
Jisten from Uzbekistan, known for its ability to resist extreme climates, has always been used by the local people to protect their skin. It activates Aquaporins* to increase water movement from the surface to the core for more radiant skin (78% increased hydration after 4 hours**).
French Black Rose is cultivated in a greenhouse in a protected organic environment to maximise its anti-oxidant properties. It reinforces the skin’s anti-radical defence mechanisms for lasting youth and beauty*** (57% less cellular membrane lipid oxidation*).
Centella from Madagascar is known for its exceptional firming properties. It stimulates collagen I and III biosynthesis in the epidermis and upper dermis* for plumper skin (14% more collagen in 24 hours*).

* tested in vitro
** Instrumental tests carried out on the Skin Energizer, n=10
*** with regular use

Smooth and velvety soft, the skin is instantly enhanced. Perfectly protected, it maintains its fresh glow to reveal vibrant youthful beauty, today and tomorrow.

Dior Hydra Life BB Creme

Inspired by Asian beauty rituals and developed in partnership with Dior makeup artists and beauty experts, Hydra Life BB Creme has accomplished the feat of combining hydration, a beauty illuminator and long-lasting protection. This luxury Dior face care is for young women who seek freshness, a lightweight texture and luminosity in a single step.

One year after the launch of the Pêche Dorée (02) shade, Hydra Life BB Creme is introducing a new chapter, with two new shades: Beige Lumière (01), for lighter skin tones, and Ocre Soleil (03), for darker skin tones.

At the heart of the formula is a surprisingly featherweight, subtly tinted texture that combines the sensory delight of a skincare product with makeup properties, to both enhance and protect the skin. Its new-generation correcting pigments instantly reveal flawless skin and an even complexion glowing with naturally radiant beauty.
Upon application, you'll be instantly seduced by its freshness, before surrendering to its delightful melt-in texture, which offers just the right amount of coverage.

The first BB Creme by Dior dedicated to the eye area

In a single step, the first BB Eye Creme from Dior instantly enhances the beauty of the eyes: the delicate eye area is hydrated and boosted, puffiness and dark circles are reduced. The eyes sparkle, looking rested and fresher as they open up and reveal their vibrant beauty. Revitalising eye care expertise. For the first time, Dior EYE REVIVAL™ technology combines active ingredients specifically selected for their deep fatigue-vanishing action. Powerfully stimulating and revitalising, BB Eye Creme is enriched with ingredients known to strengthen skin structure, boost blood vessel resistance and reduce fat tissue - the sources of puffiness and dark circles. Puffiness and dark circles are visibly reduced. The eyes sparkle, looking rested and fresher. Hydration, a source of beauty Intensely hydrating and smoothing, BB Eye Creme boasts three pure natural Hydra Life extracts from the Dior gardens.

Pure excellence: corrective makeup and an illuminator, all in one BB Eye Cream is complete anti-fatigue skincare, combining a dual corrective and enhancing effect: the concealer action diminishes imperfections while the illuminating action offers instant radiance and light. Without a shadow of fatigue, the eyes are enhanced and appear to open up, revealing their vibrant beauty. Extreme SPF protection UVA-UVB SPF 20 – PA ++ protection prevents skin ageing by effectively protecting the delicate skin of the eye contour against the sun's harmful rays. It is formulated for optimal tolerance for the sensitive eye area. Available in two radiant shades: Luminous Beige (01) and Luminous Peach (02). Apply Hydra Life BB Eye Creme before BB Face or your foundation. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. (Ophthalmologist-tested)

Application ritual

Developed in partnership with Dior makeup artists and Dior Institut beauty experts, the BB Eye Creme application ritual is composed of four simple and effective steps. The slant-tip applicator adapts perfectly to the eye contour, delivering just the right amount of product. Being quick to apply with effective results, BB Eye Creme is sure to become the new daily skincare ritual for women seeking an instant beauty makeover.

The eyes are hydrated, smoothed, corrected and adorned with a halo of light. They are big, bright and seductively beautiful.

1. APPLY: using the applicator, apply small amounts of creme to the areas indicated with dots  :
- Along the upper eyelid, targeting the inner corner, the centre and the outer corner of the eye.  
- Along the lower eyelid, from the exterior to the hollow between the nose and the eye.

2. UNIFY: smooth from the inner to the outer corner of the upper eyelid (undotted arrows) and then gently dab the lower eyelid from the exterior inwards (dotted arrows) to blend, paying special attention to the hollow between the nose and the eye.

3. CORRECT very noticeable dark circles: re-apply a small amount of BB Eye Creme locally, targeting the dark areas of the skin, then gently dab to blend.

4. OPEN up the eyes: create an illuminating effect by placing a small amount of product on the outer corner of the eye, then dab to blend the cream towards the temples.

The eyes are hydrated, smoothed, corrected and adorned with a halo of light. They are big, bright and seductively beautiful.
Apply Hydra Life BB Eye Creme before BB Face Creme or your foundation.