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    Dior Bronze

    Beautifying protective suncare - SPF 15 - Face

    Protected skin, exquisite colour


    Providing complete hydration, the tan enhancing SPF30 sun Cream for face is seductively refined. A veritable invitation to a journey, it leaves a refined scent on the skin, a subtle balance of floral notes of Polynesian Tiare and Kaupe flowers from the Marquesas Islands. Instantly soft and glowing, your skin reveals an even golden tan with lasting radiance.


    At the heart of the new Dior Bronze sun care range, the exclusive Tan-Protect complex ensures optimum protection whilst allowing the skin to develop a lasting natural radiant tan.
    Thanks to high performance photostable filters and broad spectrum UVA and UVB filters combined with anti-oxidant micro-capsules, the skin benefits from instant and lasting protection from sun damage, free radicals* and ageing. The biological action of the Tan-Protect complex encourages the development of a more intense and longer lasting, even tan*.

    * tested in vitro

    Application tip



    Diorskin Nude Air tan powder
    Diorskin Nude Air tan powder
    Healthy Glow Sun Powder

    Diorskin Nude Air serum and powder: hailed by women as the ideal routine.

    The two complementary formulas work in perfect osmosis like layers of fine sheer fabric. The powder serves as an invisible shield for makeup, ensuring long wear and protecting the skin from urban stress factors.

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    Dior Bronze
    Beautifying protective suncare - SPF 15 - Face