Discover Dior Bronze

An expert in protective and self-tanning care, Dior Bronze invites you to fully enjoy the benefits of the sun and pamper your skin with sun-kissed beauty in summer and winter alike. To ensure effective protection against sun damage while developing.


At the heart of the Dior Bronze beautifying protective suncare range, the Tan-Protect Complex shields against sun damage, while helping the skin develop a lasting tan:

TRIPLE PROTECTIVE PERFORMANCE: ANTI-UVA, ANTI-UVB, ANTI-FREE RADICAL The broad-spectrum filters selected by the Dior Innovation Center are photostable to ensure an effective anti-UVA and anti-UVB barrier between skin and the sun's rays. Antioxidant microcapsules help combat free radicals. This triple protection perfectly shelters skin from photo-induced ageing.

AN INSTANTLY BEAUTIFIED AND PROLONGED TAN On application, subtle pearly shimmers make the skin glow. Instantly beautified, skin seems enveloped in light. The Tan-Protect Complex helps deeply encourage natural melanin synthesis so that skin develops a rapid, even and long-lasting radiant tan.


For the first time, Dior Bronze sumptuous suncare recreates all the pleasures of the sun: a perfectly natural-looking and radiant tan on the skin and a unique mood-lifting sensation on the mind.

At the heart of the formula, the Bronze-Perfect Complex achieves the feat of reproducing all the benefits of sunbathing thanks to its double action:

- on the skin, for the visible delight of a natural-looking and even tan. The sumptuous suncare products adjust their self-tanning effectiveness to the skin's pH to recreate a luminous, natural and even tan. The skin is instantly enveloped in satiny radiance that enhances its natural colour. Moisturising agents ensure a lastingly radiant tan.

- on the mind, for the perceived enjoyment of a unique mood-lifting effect. A botanical active ingredient helps stimulate the natural secretion of pleasure molecules, ß-endorphins, within the skin for an immediate sensation of well-being, as if you just spent time in the sun.


In 2012, the iconic Dior Bronze self-tanning care products for the face and body are enriched with the new Bronze-Perfect Complex, which makes it possible to recreate a sumptuous tan as natural-looking, even and mood-lifting as if you just spent time in the sun. SELF-TANNING OIL NATURAL GLOW - FACE AND BODY A real formulation feat, this delicious dry oil is the first self-tanning oil by Dior that guarantees unbeatably easy application and optimal nutrition with no oily effect. This soft, luminous oil recreates a sumptuous lasting tan on satiny skin

SELF-TANNING CREME-GEL NATURAL GLOW - FACE This rich cream is a source of well-being that glides over skin with incredible ease. Skin is instantly and perfectly moisturised, revealing a sumptuous glow. The face gradually develops a natural-looking, even tan. SELF-TANNING CREME NATURAL GLOW - BODY This subtly tinted and exquisitely luscious cream melts delicately on the skin when applied. Skin is instantly and perfectly moisturised, enveloped in radiance. The body reveals a golden, even tan.


Dior creates a skin-embellishing tan: beautifying protective suncare products for the face and body.
The creamy and comfortable Dior Bronze textures melt deliciously on the skin for an incredibly sensorial application.
Their delicate fragrance, a unique blend of Tiare flowers from Polynesia and Kau Pe flowers from the Marquesas Islands, transforms each application into a unique sensorial journey by Dior.

Dior creates a skin-embellishing tan.
Concentrated with enjoyment and effectiveness, Dior Bronze sumptuous suncare textures are the result of the unique know-how of the Dior Innovation Center. Delicious to the touch, light and melting on application, they envelop skin in radiance while offering optimal nutrition for a lasting and perfectly even tan.
The sumptuous suncare products offer the pleasure of an incredibly refined fragrance: its green accents tinged with sunny notes unfurl before lingering in a delicate floral accord.
Skin is perfumed with an infinitely elegant sillage that invites you on a journey.