From the other side of the mirror

"We are the last refuge of the wonder.
In some ways we are masters of dreaming."
Christian Dior

The inspiration

The House of Dior has always fired dreams. Dreams of women and their beauty, their pleasure and their freedom. In 1946, Christian Dior became known as the "Master of Wonder" on avenue Montaigne.
A magician who put enchantment back into the lives of those who had been through the dark days of the war. 
This breath of life, this creative spirit, is what forged the Dior identity. 
Today, this vital force remains as strong as ever.  
A desire for joy, youth, boldness and dreams. 
A legacy that has left its mark on the Dior Addict line of fragrances.

Welcome to WonDiorland

In the dreamy setting of a sumptuous castle,
a carousel is used as a stage. 
Elegant adventurer, our Dior Addict heroine is on a treasure hunt towards a new identity. Her journey of initiation sends her leaping through mirrors. Femme fatale at one moment, feisty the next, she tirelessly explores the twists and turns of a sensational dream. The adventure becomes irresistible once she plays with time and fading memories, with dreams and reality.
More than a fragrance, it is a journey into a fantasy world.
Dior Addict, an initiation to sensations. 
Dior Addict, a gateway to recreate your own, newly enchanted world.

The new luminous signature
of Dior Addict

Luminous and sensational, the line of Dior Addict fragrances reveals a subtle blend that is fresh, bold and sensual.
Each of its olfactory variations incarnates the youth and elegant freshness of a creative and modern young woman.