The intensity of a floral bouquet enhanced with flower absolutes

The history of Absolutes has its roots in flower absolutes.

Obtained by extraction, an Haute Parfumerie procedure, absolutes have a deep, sensual and intense facet.

Luxuriant and sophisticated, J'adore L'absolu sublimely enhances the intensity and sensuality of its floral notes in a perfume in which floral absolutes are harmoniously combined: sweet and vibrant Damask rose, seductive and luminous Sambac jasmine, and powerful, voluptuous Indian tuberose.  


  • Top note


    Native to Turkey and Bulgaria, the Damascus Rose is used as an essence or an absolute. A key ingredient in the perfumer's palette, it finds full expression in the heart note of J'adore.

  • Heart note


    A symbol of feminine softness, Jasmine is one of the flowers used the most in perfumery. Its delicate scent makes it a fragrance all on its own.

  • Base note


    Imported from India to Europe around 1600, the tuberose is a herbaceous plant that bears clusters of highly fragrant white flowers. In J'adore L'absolu, Absolute of Indian Tuberose brings a very intoxicating floral, tinged with honey and orange, a noble and luxurious intensity.

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