The delicacy and radiance of the floral bouquet enhanced by flower essences

The history of the Eau de Toilette is written around floral essences.

Obtained by distillation, a process used in High Perfumery, they produce a vibrant, radiant and delicate facet of the flower.

Essence of Yellow Mandarin from Italy, Essence of Damascus Rose and Essence of Neroli blend in perfect harmony. A special place is reserved for orange blossom, a white flower that produces Neroli Essence.

Hand-picked in the sunny groves of Tunisia, it lends a delicate, sophisticated and elegant touch to the fragrance.

Woody with a soft vanilla note, the base gives the J'adore Eau de Toilette a trail of scent with character.


  • Top note


    The mandarin tree is cultivated in all the Mediterranean countries, but the highest quality fruit is produced in Sicily. Mandarins exist in yellow, green and red varieties, each corresponding to the various stages of the ripening fruit. Mandarin essence is a citrus note, offering fragrances a fresh, fruity accent. Present in the top note of J'Adore Eau de Toilette, mandarin instils the desire for travel.

  • Heart note


    Originating from Turkey and Bulgaria, Damask Rose is used in the form of an essence or an absolute. This key element of the perfumer's palette flourishes at the heart note of J'adore

  • Base note


    Neroli essence is obtained through the distillation of bitter orange blossom. In the heart of Milly-la-Forêt, this evocative note gives expression to the full, smooth scents that blend with the tender, mellow accord of the perfume.

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Eau de Toilette