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    Inspired by the concept of layering, an ancestral art of combining fragrances that originated in the Middle East, François Demachy created Les Elixirs Précieux. A few drops of oil before spraying one of the recommended fragrances from La Collection Privée Christian Dior.  The precious elixir reinterprets the fragrance and shapes it.  You can create your own unique olfactory signature and boost your scent.

    François Demachy created daring combinations that reinvent the fragrances and celebrate the unexpected encounter of contrasting notes. The Élixir Précieux Ambre boosts the sensuality of New Look 1947, giving the floral density of its character an oriental facet.

    Deposit the oil in drops onto pulse points such as the neck, inside of the wrists and décolleté.

    The highest concentration, each Élixir Précieux boasts a rich composition of noble raw materials rigorously selected by François Demachy."Ambre" asserts an intense sensuality, underscored by the density of animal tones.

    Perfumer's words

    A collection that can be combined with the fragrances of La Collection Privée Christian Dior to brighten them, bring contrast, offer a whole new experience.

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    Elixir Précieux