The Couturier's "finishing touch"; an explosion of flowers, ultra-feminine, generous, opulent

February 12, 1947: A major event was held at 30, avenue Montaigne in Paris, where Christian Dior presented his first fashion show. With his flower women and bright colors, the Designer launched a fresh fashion trend. “It's a New Look!” exclaimed Carmel Snow, chief editor at Harper's Bazaar, thus christening the Designer’s inimitable style.

Today, the New Look has become an explosive, generous, ultra-feminine and floral fragrance.


  • Top note


    Grown in Mayotte, in the Comoro archipelago, fresh Ylang-Ylang flowers are steam-distilled to yield an essence dear to perfumers. Ylang-Ylang steeps New Look 1947 in floral freshness that gives volume and elegance to the head notes of the composition.

  • Heart note


    Tuberose is composed of spikes of highly perfumed white flowers. Indian Tuberose absolute releases a soft, honeyed floral note in the heart of the fragrance, giving captivating opulence to New Look 1947.

  • Base note


    Collected in Thailand (Siam), Benzoin is a traditional resin in Eastern perfumery. Its sensual, woody qualities develop in the base notes of New Look 1947.

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New Look 1947