Discover Eau Sauvage

Timelessly chic, great classic of men's perfume.


1966: While Edmond Roudnitska shakes up the perfumery world by creating a tailor-made fragrance for the active young generation, another essential artist from Dior’s history, René Gruau, etches the style of the Eau Sauvage man.
With his bold lines touched with humour, Gruau draws a sensual, refined man with a hint of impertinence, revealed in a private moment. A unique character who sets the tone for Eau Sauvage advertising from the very start.

This true saga helped build the legend through advertising steeped in simplicity, elegance and a dash of irreverence, all at once.


Upon its creation in 1966, Eau Sauvage overturned the codes with its breakaway signature. For the first time, a floral note, that of Hedione, was used in a masculine scent. This bold choice was to become the signature stamp of Dior men's perfumes. In men's perfumery Eau Sauvage has become a myth, whose composition will always interest through its unique approach, which combines simplicity and freshness with a scent that nevertheless has presence and sophistication. Finally, the obvious quality that characterizes this fragrance comes from the importance and the quality of raw materials in its composition. Indeed they represent more than 70% of the formula. Now there is a subliminal link between natural products and perceived quality. This is why, since 2011, Eau Sauvage has used Bergamot from San Carlo for its captivating and seductive subtle freshness. This exceptional quality early Bergamot is cultivated exclusively for Eau Sauvage in a garden in Calabria. There it enjoys prolonged exposure to the sun, and benefits from the warm wind of the Sirocco. Harvested using traditional know-how, its extraction technique also requires special know-how.


The bottle design by Pierre Camin in 1966 has not changed since its creation – an occurrence unheard of in the perfume world.
The bottle, inspired by a flask, the emblematic masculine accessory, becomes a timeless luxury object thanks to the genius of the designer.
As it is a Couturier’s Fragrance above all, the stopper takes up the shape of Mr. Dior’s thimble, while the glass curves recall the lines of draped fabric.
Intense with accentuated and powerful contrasts, Eau Sauvage Extrême is an explosive fragrance that dares to express an even wilder masculinity.