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In black and white images bathed in light, the lovers gently draw close to one another while joyously laughing. Roman Gavras's lens brings them together, entwining them. From bustling city life to racing along the beach, the 1000 lives of the Dior man fly by at a furious pace. 1000 lives to love. 1000 lives to live. 


The Dior spirit was founded on a revolution. Today, Dior enters a new era. Essential upheavals, avant-garde aesthetics.
The Dior man reflects his time. His fragrance is timeless, unchanged, for he has worn it well and will do so still. More than a fragrance, Dior Homme has become an identity. New images now embody it: those of a man who is wild and free, sexy and determined. Its masculine floral notes and complex luminosity initially gained the admiration of those seeking uniqueness. Then, its revolutionary trail conquered and seduced many more in its wake. Once the surprise had passed, the strength of its construction remained.

Dream as if you'll live forever,
Live as you'll die today.
_James Dean TM


Dior Homme. 
A construction that turned everything on its head, indulging in audacity and surprise. With its emergence, Dior Homme boldly expresses its difference. A virile and unusually subtle sophistication.
An Iris for men. A clash of opposites. A slightly animal Iris, that unveils a sexy, sensual facet. With it, Leather and Wood reinvent masculine harmonies. Amber and Spices beckon your senses without taking over, while its trail is blissfully oblivious to its effect. It is the olfactory signature of distinguished style, evoking the nonchalant charm of a decisively contemporary masculine silhouette. 

Dior Homme Cologne, a pure and radical freshness. The Cologne harmony is revisited with the Grapefruit Flower, enhanced by an enveloping white musk trail. It reflects the elegance of simplicity, a fragrance for the skin, just for you. Unostentatious, but stylish.

Dior Homme is an Iris for men. A sexy signature scent enhanced by woody masculine notes for an unusually subtle sophistication. Wear Dior Homme the way you would a suit, with sharp, modern elegance. Leave behind you this spicy wooded scent, an instantly recognizable trail of distinguished style.

Dior Homme Sport, a carefree composition that expresses the obvious. Like a rush of freedom, the energetic freshness of Sicilian Citron and the woody trail of Virginian Cedar dress the powdered signature of Tuscan Iris. 

Dior Homme Intense, a powerful and generous eau de parfum. The intense Iris, enhanced by a sensual amber facet and a precious wood base, exhales its powerful charm. It is a carnal construction whose trail beckons.

Dior Homme by François Demachy

Dior Homme breaks away from all clichés of masculinity. It explores a new virility that is instantly evident but nevertheless complex.

Clean, pure, timeless lines. The radical, modern aesthetics of the Dior Homme bottles draws inspiration from the pure, architectural codes of the Couture universe. Like blocks of glass, the bottles reveal the enveloping toned essences into which these powerful, masculine tubes are dipped. Dior's sartorial heritage is evident in its noble touch. Its beauty does not fade with time. It is a timeless classic.
Dior Homme is the perfect balance of simplicity and refinement, incarnating the timeless chic of an understated yet resolutely luxurious bottle.

Dior Homme Intense is adorned with smoky contours, completed by a black varnish for extreme "black tie" sophistication.
Dior Homme Sport asserts its identity with a discreet red line that is both sober and dynamic. An athletic elegance that plays on its light-hearted, action-loving side without deviating from the timeless elegance of its predecessors. 
Dior Homme Cologne displays a touch of blue. Its slender flask, with its sides veiled in frost, contains a subtly white tinged essence: an unprecedented woolly opalescence that embodies the olfactory originality of its construction.