Urban spirit


This surprising aromatic woody fragrance was created for the modern urban man who lives in the present moment yet incarnates eternal masculinity. Cool and energetic, with notes of pear, citrus and basil, a spicy heart and a musky drydown.

Perfumer's words

Exuding airy sensations and smooth energy, Higher is the pulse of contemporary, urban fragrances. The radiance and fluidity of the fruity accord meld with the energy and vibrations of spice.


  • Heart note CARDAMOM
  • Base note CEDAR WOOD



    PEAR: Indigenous to Asia Minor, the pear tree grows in temperate climates. The scent of the pear is used in fine perfumery in both men's and women's fragrances. The 'pear skin' note is also used. As essential oil cannot be made from pears, the note is reproduced synthetically using headspace technology. Pear accords are used as the top note of Higher.
    : Originally from Asia, basil has been used for its refreshing and invigorating virtues for 2,000 years. A component in fruity chypre fragrances, its revitalizing accents also intensify the zest in eaux fraîches such as Higher.

  • Base note CARDAMOM

    Grown in Cambodia, India and Guatemala, cardamom is extracted by steam distillation. It combines beautifully with light fragrances, woody men's fragrances and chypres, adding a contemporary touch to the heart notes of Higher.

  • Base note CEDAR WOOD

    Indigenous to the United States, the essence of cedar is extracted by steam distillation. Its refined, noble scent is used as an invigorating and energizing base note in men's fragrances such as Jules, Eau Sauvage Extrême, Dune pour Homme and Higher and in the women's fragrance Dior Addict Shine.

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