Ambre Nuit

A mysterious fragrance, inspired by the baroque atmosphere and balls of the 18th century, which left their marks on Christian Dior. The tale of a Rose seduced by carnal Amber, which together unveil an unexpected profound, intense and elusive scent.


  • Top note

    BERGAMOT ESSENCE Reggio Calabria

    This bergamot, collected in Reggio di Calabria, undergoes a gentle treatment that preserves all of its aromas. Its fragrance blends the sparkling facets of citrus fruit with softer and more floral facets that accentuate the wonderfully fresh top notes of Ambre Nuit.

  • Heart note


    Native to Turkey, Damascena Rose is an essential element in the perfumer’s palette. Floral and dense, it slips into nighttime attire and becomes almost woody in Ambre Nuit.

  • Base note


    Ambergris is a rare and precious raw material of animal origin. It is naturally formed and then expelled by the whale and then collected on beaches after being exposed to sunlight and the ocean currents for several months. A true legend for perfumers, Ambergris releases a mysterious, deep and particularly enchanting note that takes on warm and amber accents in Ambre Nuit. 

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Ambre Nuit