The charm of a luminous floral Chypre

Charming and effervescent, Miss Dior Eau de Toilette is a luminous floral chypre scent with a hint of springtime.

The baseline favours Blood Orange, which gives it freshness and effervescence, leading onto an elegant floral heart where the Essences of Tunisian Neroli and Turkish and Bulgarian Damask Rose shine through.

The absolute hallmark of chypre fragrances, Indonesian Patchouli gives a density to this Eau de Toilette that positively radiates charm


  • Top note


    Blood orange is a variety of orange that contains anthocyanin, a pigment common in many types of fruit but rarely found in citrus fruit, that gives the flesh its reddish colour.
    A sweet and juicy fruit, particularly popular in Italy, its essence offers fresh, energising notes.

  • Heart note


    Extracting bitter orange blossom enables a concentrated Orange Blossom Essence to be obtained. Neroli Essence is obtained through distillation.
    Especially prevalent in oriental-style perfumes, orange blossom allows certain fruity notes to be accentuated in floral perfumes.

  • Base note


    Patchouli is a plant that originates from Indonesia and Malaysia.
    Its essence, a must-have in the perfumer's palette, is obtained through steam distillation of the dried leaves.
    It is used in chypre, woody and oriental perfumes.
    This highly esteemed scent forms the base note of all the olfactory versions of Miss Dior

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