10h color locking and crease-preventing eyelid primer


The first eye primer from Dior Backstage. Its smoothing and unifying action immediately corrects and prepares the eyelid for maximum colour intensity.
It prolongs makeup staying power throughout the day, preventing eyeshadow from migrating, and keeping colour even, intense and true all day long.

Application tips

Apply with an eyeshadow brush to the area of the eyelid where you will be applying your makeup.


Ultra-light, creamy texture. Smoothing, hydrating and fixing agent for optimal hold.


5 Couleurs
5 Couleurs
Couture colours & effects eyeshadow palette

The 5 Couleurs palette boasts a wide variety of textures and shades with a host of effects: matte, satiny, iridescent and ultra-shimmery for infinite ways to convey Colour and dress the eyes with exceptional makeup.

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Backstage Eye Prime