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    Eyes Essential

    Eye Zone Boosting Super Serum

    The first detoxifying booster step


    Eyes Essential is a concentrate of One Essential's extraordinary power of cellular regeneration, adapted to the delicate eye area.
    By deeply detoxifying the skin of the eye area*, Eyes Essential stimulates exceptional regeneration. Infused with new living substance, the eye contour is no longer covered by a dull veil of fatigue (puffiness, dark circles).
    Day after day, freed from toxins, the eye contour is strengthened. Smoother and more radiant, the eyes appear visibly rested and illuminate the face.

    *In vitro tests on ingredients


    Diminished dark circles*
    -22% instantly
    -31% after 4 weeks
    Less visible puffiness*
    -13% instantly
    -23% after 4 weeks
    Wrinkles are smoothed 1 hour after application: -24%***
    The eye contour appears renewed after 4 weeks: +48%****
    *Clinical assessment conducted by an ophthalmologist using a graduated scale, self-evaluation, measurements conducted on 32 subjects over 4 weeks, twice-daily application, measurements before, immediately afterwards and after 4 weeks of application
    **Measurements derived from the analysis of images of 15 subjects after one application; measurements conducted before and 1 hour after application; before/after comparison.
    **** Evaluation by self-scorage, % of variation vs. initial evaluation, 32 women, 2 applications a day for 4 weeks

    Dior Garden


    The Dior Garden, dedicated to the Red Hibiscus, is located in the heart of the Koro Ecological and Cultural Site, an area covering 20 hectares where 18% of Burkina Faso’s flora flourishes, representing nearly 190 plant species. This remarkable site was selected due to its distinctive geology and the richness of its soil. More than a hectare is entirely devoted to cultivating the “Hibiscus Sabdariffa”, or Red Hibiscus.

    Key ingredient

    Dior Research carried out studies on this Hibiscus flower, revealing that its delicate chalice hides under its gown of petals an extraordinary power of detoxification. Hibiscus extract has been shown to stimulate the recycling process of toxins that have penetrated the cell's "lung"*. *In vitro tests conducted on ingredients

    Application tip

    Take 1 to 2 pumps of EYES ESSENTIAL on the tip of index finger.
    1. Instantly revitalize. Begin drainage by lightly pressing the tip of index finger on the inner corner of the eye. Then, without pressing, glide towards the temple, under the brow bone. Repeat as often as you wish to relax the eye area. Repeat the same movement under the eye.
    2. Reduce puffiness and appearance of dark circles. Begin drainage at the outer corner of the eye and move inwards, applying minimal pressure with the tip of index finger. Repeat the movements in the other direction.
    3. Facilitate elimination. Finish with wide movements around the eye: from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple.
    Repeat on the other eye.


    One Essential
    One Essential
    Intense skin detoxifying booster serum

    One Essential is the 1st fundamental daily skincare that combats these toxins by reinvigorating the elimination process in order to restore the skin's luminosity.

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    Eyes Essential
    Eye Zone Boosting Super Serum