Discover the White Collection

Dior Prestige White is a marvelous concentrate of youth and whiteness, dedicated to preserving, repairing and illuminating the inner beauty of delicate skin.

The exceptional whitening anti-aging skincare by Dior

Asian skin is probably the most delicate of all. To light up its precious beauty, Dior has created Dior Prestige White Collection. Alchemy of strength and gentleness, Rose de Granville Nectar is combined with the whitening power of the legendary White Peony to infuse the skin with a pure concentrate of youthful whiteness. 

Rose de Granville: 9 years of research to concentrate its unparalleled cellular vitality in a powerful nectar
This rose prodigy is grown organically in France in a dedicated Dior Garden to fully express its vitality. Its precious nectar offers delicate skin exceptional rejuvenating performance.

White peony: the whitening virtues of a legendary flower, now harnessed by Dior Science
Its pure nectar delivers the most complete whitening action to the skin. Dullness, yellowish tone and dark spots visibly fade away, revealing a radiant white skin.

A pure concentrate of youthful whiteness, especially tested on Asian skin

Denser and fuller, skin is generously replumped. Its brightness is deeply restored, visibly reducing dullness, yellowish tone and dark spots. Ideally smoothed and refined, as if polished, the skin becomes radiant white. It reveals the delicate brightness of a rosy white petal.
Within one month, the appearance of dark spots is reduced by 40%*.
Exceptional performances visibly observed by women**
Skin is smoother --- 100%
Skin is replumped --- 100%
Skin is more luminous --- 100%
Skin is revitalized --- 97%
Skin texture is refined --- 100%
*Auto-evaluation by scorage, 32 women, 4 weeks of twice daily application.
** Self-assessment by questionnaire from 32 women. 2 applications of Serum a day for 28 days.

New - Satin brightening fluid
A refreshing breath of youthful radiance

Dior Prestige unveils its first whitening air-whipped emulsion. Dior’s Master Formulators have dressed its nectars prodigies with refined sensoriality to create a new surprisingly fresh and lightweight texture. Enriched with a carefully selected optical powder, it provides immediate, supreme perfecting action. The skin glows with youthful perfection.

Satin brightening UV bases
Shielded as powerfully as under a parasol

Enriched with SPF 50 – PA+++ mineral filters, the gentle formulas of Dior Prestige UV Bases are dedicated to delicate skin. Skin is effectively shielded for 8 hours, as if under a parasol. Combined with Rose de Granville and White Peony Nectars, they provide the most exceptional, complete protection by Dior. Born from the unique combination of Dior skincare art of formulation and make-up color know-how, their tailor-made textures melt weightlessly into the skin, giving sublime skin finishes.