The Art of Cleansing

Cleansing is essential to the skin’s youthful beauty. It must be performed carefully to ensure the skin’s delicate nature is protected.

Exceptional cleansing for delicate skin

Dior Prestige creates the first Dior cleansing ritual that combines effectiveness and absolute respect for delicate Asian skin. This brand new Dior Prestige cleansing ritual revolves around  three new highly sensorial products : La Crème Démaquillante, Le Savon and La Mousse. This unique two-step ceremony tantalizes all of the senses and offers a moment of exquisite indulgence. 

An alchemy of effectiveness
and absolute respect

Rose de Granville natural oil, rich in soothing and
protective virtues
At the heart of the Dior Prestige cleansing line lies a precious oil that stems from the famous Rose de Granville. 
Endowed with soothing and protective properties, Rose de Granville Natural Oil preserves the balance of delicate skin over time.

Dior exclusive micro-gums: a revolution in
delicate skin cleansing
With their innovative rounded form and unique “elastic” substance, they literally roll over the skin while smoothly hugging every relief. Thanks to their absorbent texture, they effectively remove make-up by coating themselves over it while maintaining the greatest respect for the skin.

A two-step ritual to denude the skin
in all delicateness

In order to be perfectly effective, your cleansing routine must follow two steps, devised by the Dior Institut. 
STAGE I: La Crème Démaquillante
First, using a cleanser rich in oil will catch the lipophilic impurities (dust, pollution, makeup) on your skin. Apply it with your fingertips to avoid damaging frictions that could accelerate skin aging. 
Rich in Rose de Granville Natural Oil, La Crème Démaquillante perfectly remove makeup in absolute respect of delicate skin.
STAGE II: La Mousse
Then, perfect your makeup removal with a water-based cleanser to eliminate the last residues of oil, cleanse your skin deeply and let it feel pure and clear.
La Mousse offers a crisp and squeaky clean finish.