"To be transformed into the most beautiful woman, this is the dream of every woman." Christian Dior


Dreamskin is a wonderful skincare product that goes beyond the limits of classic skincare. For the first time, Dior is able to act simultaneously on the skin's quality, uniformity and youth.


Dreamskin is a real beauty revolution as it is the first Dior skincare product to benefit from the fusion of two of Dior’s major expertise: 40 years of optical skin expertise and 15 years of skin stem cells research.
This double expertise has led to a subtle mixture of optical and biological active ingredients, able to act on the skin’s quality, on the tone’s uniformity, and on the face's global youth, both on the surface and deep within the skin.


Applied on its own or after the usual skincare product, Dreamskin can adapt to any beauty routine.
At the heard of Capture Totale range, it can be applied as a complement to your usual daily skincare and/or before Capture Totale foundations.

Under the impetus of the deepest, youth-creating cells, Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Cream acts from the heart of the skin to the surface, to restructure, re-plump, smooth and illuminate the skin. All the visible signs of ageing are deeply corrected, leaving the skin more beautiful than ever.
Smooth, creamy and comforting, the Multi-Perfection Concentrated Cream envelops the skin in instant and lasting softness and comfort, with every application.

Rich in the essences of the new Complexe Longoza-Cellular which targets the rejuvenation stem cells, Capture Totale foundation are the first Dior foundations capable to act on the 3 dimensions of the youthful skin tone: smoothed out reliefs, even colour, and radiance.