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    Capture Totale

    Multi-Perfection Emulsion

    Capture Totale's Global Anti-Ageing expertise, the freshness & lightness of a fluid


    The Capture Totale multi-perfection emulsion combines effective anti-ageing action with freshness and moisturisation... A feather-light veil for the skin full of exceptionally effective active ingredients.
    The barely-there texture leaves nothing on the skin except a feeling of total comfort. And yet, it delivers all Capture Totale's anti-ageing technology deep within the skin, right down to the stem cells, for the ultimate in global anti-ageing correction. A powerful yet lightweight formula... The skin is fully moisturised, plumped up, visibly smoother.


    A 33%* increase in softness compared to a beauty routine without multi-perfection emulsion
    * Immediate effect, comparative instrumental measures, no.=10
    - Moisturisation after 2 hours*: 70% increase
    - Sensation of coolness reduced by 1.8°**
    - Smoothing effect: 16% increase***

    * Instrumental measures, measured after 2 hours, no.=10
    ** Instrumental measures, immediate result, no.=10
    *** Instrumental measures, immediate result, no.=5

    Dior Garden


    In this Dior Garden, with its exceptional soil, each flower gives birth to a scarlet fruit whose characteristic colour signals full maturity and the promise of about twenty precious seeds. From collecting the flowers to obtaining its seeds, the Longoza harvest uses genuine savoir-faire that respects local traditions.

    Key ingredient

    Discovered in Madagascar twenty years ago by Dior ethnobotanists, longoza has become the outstanding natural activator of Capture Totale skincare. Ten years of research have enabled scientists at Dior to reveal its multiple anti-ageing properties and exceptional regenerative power on skin cells.

    Application tip

    Apply morning and night to face and neck after One Essential and/or multi-perfection concentrated serum, as an alternative or complement to the multi-perfection creme.

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    Capture Totale
    Multi-Perfection Emulsion