Hydra Life, the iconic moisturizing
skincare line by Dior

The secret to a new type of hydration was found in the heart of the Dior Gardens. This hydration infuses the skin, enhancing and actively prolonging its youthful beauty.

Close-Up, pore reducing pro-youth moisturizer

Close-Up is a new addition to the Hydra Life high-performance moisturizing skincare line. Whether dilated, blocked or slackened, all 3 types of pores are corrected thanks to a deep, targeted action. The skin is rebalanced and moisturized, the pores are tightened, and the skin's texture is smooth and even.
Proven results:
+40% moisturization -40% visible pores1
Apply instead of your usual moisturizer. Improves makeup hold.
Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested


All Hydra-Life skincare is infused with a flower concentrate from the Dior Gardens. From one cell to another, it acts at the heart of the skin2 for deep active pro-youth moisturization.
A Dior innovation: this concentrate is enriched with the spectacular regulating power of the flax flower, which enables its petals, initially curled up in their bud, to become perfectly smooth upon blooming. Similarly, Hydra Life deeply and lastingly smooths and regulates the imperfections that cause visible pores.

Dior, a scientific pioneer

A trailblazer in the field of moisturization, Dior builds on major scientific and medical research discoveries and applies this knowledge to skincare. This is the case for Aquaporins, the hydration channels between cells. Their discovery was the subject of the
Nobel Prize in 2003, after over 10 years of research.

Since 1998, Dior researchers have explored the skin's Aquaporins and their application in cosmetics. They revealed the existence of an Aquaporin in the epidermis: AQP3, which facilitates the movement of water through the membranes of each cell. 

Hydra Life contains floral extracts from the Dior Gardens that precisely target and stimulate this Aquaporin 3, and also
Aquaporin 9, which was very recently discovered, located more on the surface, to facilitate the supply of water to all levels of the epidermis, for deep, lasting and instantly visible moisturization.
As a result of 15 years of research, Dior Science has published 27 publications on Aquaporins and moisturization, and filed 2 patents for active ingredients which act upon and stimulate Aquaporins in the skin.

A trilogy of flower extracts from the Dior Gardens

At the heart of its unique formula lies a serum composed of three flower extracts from the Dior Gardens, and the key to Hydra Life's performance.  These extracts act in synergy, drawing upon their unique powers:  
- Jisten from Uzbekistan directly stimulates Aquaporin 3 (AQP3), boosting moisturization.
- Mallow from Anjou boosts Aquaporin 9 and stimulates the renewal of epidermal cells.
- Centella from Madagascar restores the skin's bounce by activating collagen synthesis in the dermis.
This serum, Hydra Life's signature floral trio, is exceptionally effective in safeguarding the skin's optimal moisture level and youthful beauty.

A sensory revolution

Dior is a true inventor of cosmetics that delight the senses. Among its range of textures, those of Hydra Life are indisputable ambassadors of its creative palette. Melt-in gel, enveloping balm, refreshing sorbet, cocooning cream... all Hydra Life skincare boasts inimitable galenics that evoke voluptuousness and emotion, custom formulated for every skin type and every period of the year.

1. Instrumental tests after application (Moisturization +2h). 10 women.
2. In vitro test on ingredients