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    Capture Lift

    Ultra-Stretch Remodeling Creme

    Lift & Reshaping Expert


    The Capture Lift Ultra-stretch remodeling creme is a Highly concentrated in ElastemTM Complex creme. This refined smooth creme immediately puts a fresh supple spring intothe skin to ideally complete the Serum Performance.
    It restores the skin’s elasticity and firmness to intensively lift the oval of the face and deeply hydrates the skin to ensure maximum comfort, all day long.
    Perfectly smoothed and supported, the face is visibly remodelled and uplifted, day after day.


    The ultra-stretch remodeling creme intensely lifts the skin and transforms its texture: skin is perfectly moisturized and strengthened, and firmer, and more supple at the same time. The skin is visibly plumped.

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    Capture Lift
    Capture Lift
    Ultra-Stretch Reshaping Serum

    Concentrated in active ingredients, the serum acts in depth by fixing and renewing the skin structure for a clear result each and every day. The Capture Lift ultra-stretch reshaping serum is a Highly concentrated in Bi-SkinTM Stretch serum. Its light and fresh pearly texture glides delicately onto the skin’s surface and gently penetrates to bring instant stretch to the V-Line and durably Slim, Shape and Lift the face.

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    Capture Lift
    Ultra-Stretch Remodeling Creme