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    White Reveal Perfecting Emulsion

    Step 4 in the Extreme Transparency: COMFORT & SMOOTH


    The Diorsnow white reveal perfecting emulsion is a fresh, lightweight and melt-away emulsion. It intensely moisturizes the skin. Visibly softer, skin is infinitely velvety and glows with a pure and natural radiance.


    Visibly softer and smoother, skin is infinitely velvety and glows with a pure and natural radiant.

    Dior Garden


    The Garden was established in Chemillé, an area of the Maine-et-Loire region dedicated to the growing of medicinal plants. The soil there is exceptionally fertile due to the successive flooding and receding of the Loire river, which has enriched the plains and provides a home for rare plant species with unique properties. Some 30 million flowers are grown in the Garden, with each mallow plant producing around 50 flowers.

    Key ingredient

    For the 1st time, Diorsnow combines the Transparency Enhancing Complex (T.E.C.TM), the most complete brightening technology, with Icelandic Glacial WaterTM and Mallow extract for boosted effectiveness at the heart of the DNA, on all 5 features of skin transparency: Evenness, luminosity, moisture, plumpness and skin texture fineness. 

    Application tip

    Apply to the face every morning after D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence and the evening after the Anti-Spot Serum.


    Fresh cream global transparency

    As a skin coat, the creme leaves a thin texture over your skin to bring instant suppleness and comfort. The Diorsnow fresh creme global transparency is a light and ultra-fresh cream. It offers 24-hour hydration and spectacular plumping action.

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    White Reveal Perfecting Emulsion