Instant oversize volume mascara


The first sweep brings the ecstasy of spectacularly plumped and shaped lashes, as if transformed. The combination of an exclusive couture brush with extravagant lash-fattening power and a lash-care formula with the volume-plumping effect of false lashes for oversize volume in record time.

Make-up Finish

Extreme volume in a flash.

Application tips

Use a vertical motion to apply mascara, followed by a zigzag to stretch out lashes.


Tiered brush with 3 reservoirs to load lashes for intense volume. 


Enriched with metamorphosis powders and black pearl pigments, its formula is specially designed to amplify lash volume and give the eyes a deep intensity. A lash-care active ingredient renders lashes suppler, shiner and visibly more beautiful.

Diorshow Maximizer 3D
Triple volume plumping lash primer

Use each day before applying mascara to intensify its effects.

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