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Step 3 in the Extreme Transparency: ACTIVATE & REPAIR


Dior Science has highlighted a specific pigmentation marker at the heart of the skin: FILAGGRIN. When there is a deficit of this molecule, the skin overproduces melanin, inducing a new spot.


The 1st intelligent Anti-Spot Serum by Dior capable of treating visible and invisible spots*. At the heart of skin, it locates filaggrin and stimulates its synthesis wherever its levels are insufficient*, for a highly precise double anti-spot action:

- After only 2 weeks, existing spots fade away and after 2 months, they are less visible by 36%**.

- Day after day, developing spots are prevented before they even appear*.

Never before has the skin experienced such extreme transparency.

* In vitro test on ingredients.

** Assessment by dermatologists, n=34.

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Anti-Spot Serum