A skin fragrance featuring a fully unique, enveloping scent

Intimate and profound, Bois d'Argent takes form as it gently embraces a precious ingredient: Iris Absolute from Florence. Powdery and slightly woody, this fragrance is enveloping, sensorial and fully unique.

olfactory notes

  • Top note


    Incense is found in its natural state near the Red Sea. This fragrant resin, produced by a tree, is harvested in the autumn. This mysterious ingredient reveals its surprising and contrasting character - warm at times, green and spicy at others - at the heart of Bois d'Argent.

  • Heart note


    Tuscan Iris absolute is one of the most precious ingredients of a perfumer's palette. The extraction process is very long and complex. Iris' powdery, very slightly woody, aromas bring a comforting softness to the heart of Bois d’Argent. 

  • Base note


    White musk is a synthetic ingredient prized by perfumers. As a base note, it provides a powdery cotton effect, which leaves a velvety quality on the skin and gives the impression of mild, "clean" freshness.

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Bois d'Argent