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One Essential

Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask

The first detoxifying booster step

The Ultra-Detox One Essential Restorative Mask eliminates toxins and has a profound restorative action on the skin.*

A ten-fold higher concentration of Détoxinyle™, Dior's detoxifying active ingredient, for skin that is like new: perfectly smooth, plumped up and glowing. The extra-cool gel texture becomes a face mask which, on contact, is absorbed into the skin, diffusing into the very heart of the cells its superpowerful active ingredients, in record time - 10 times faster than a sheet mask.**

*In vitro test

** In vitro test vs sheet mask, measured every 4 hours for cafeine penetration, from 4 - 40 hours, in actual conditions of product use.

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One Essential
Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask