Cleansing perfection, delicate as a caress


Dedicated to delicate Asian skin, the Dior Prestige soft cleansing brush boasts superior quality synthetic fibers to ensure the absolute respect for delicate skin and perfect shape retention during use. With a diameter smaller than the size of a pore, these innovative fibers offer deep skin cleansing. The brush's flat shape and high-density bristles produce an incredibly rich and luscious foam.

Dior Garden


Dior cultivates Rose de Granville in a dedicated garden, in the heart of the best French soil. It is organically grown in the ground, under exceptional conditions, allowing it to fully express all its vital energy. Nurtured by the expert know-how of one of the greatest antique rose specialists, it is hand-picked with utmost respect. Research is also continuously conducted in this garden, where experts study and decipher the Rose's infinite potential.

Key ingredient

Dior researchers have developed exclusive processes to extract the potent properties of Rose de Granville, while ensuring that they remain pure and intact. Convinced of its infinite cosmetic potential, these experts have an incredible collection of extracts that are continuously analyzed by Dior Science. 9 years of research were required to select, ecologically transform and concentrate the Nectar.

Application tip

Rinse the brush before using it for the first time.
For La Mousse: place a dollop of foam in the palm of your hand and vigorously whisk it with the previously moistened brush.
For Le Savon : pass the soap under running water. Work the foam by quickly circling the moistened brush over the top of the soap.

When the foam becomes lusciously rich, spread it over the face using the brush, avoiding the eye area. Gently massage using alternating broad, rising circular movements and small, firm targeted movements on the dullest areas of the skin. Rinse the face with warm water and gently dry.
For a perfectly hygienic brush, rinse well and wipe dry after every use.


Dior Prestige
Dior Prestige
Le Savon

Cleansing is essential to the skin’s youthful beauty. In order to be perfectly effective, the cleansing routine must follow two steps. Second step of the cleansing ritual after La Crème Démaquillante Dior Prestige, this gentle care soap completes makeup removal and deeply cleanses the skin. It brings back the sophistication of refined cleansing.

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Dior Prestige