Discover Capture Sculpt 10

Because an aging face has less defined facial contours and elasticity, Sculpt 10 helps re-sculpt the areas of the face that lose firmness.


Sculpt 10 expertise is based on a fundamental discovery in the Research on collagen that has been showcased as a world premiere by the Dior Innovation Center. Only triple helix collagen has the "springiness" needed for the function of optimally toned skin. But with age, the structure of collagen deteriorates, and the skin becomes less firm, less elastic. It begins to sag.


To revive the ideal lift and firmness of the face, the Dior Innovation Center developed the Lifting Complex, an exclusive combination of white willow Polyphenols, Madecassoside and Sapindus Mukorossi extract to effectively take on three fronts. It boosts collagen's efficiency. It consolidates the connective network between cells and collagen fibers to maintain the skin's lift. It brings out triple helix collagen's capacity to optimize the skin's "springiness".


The Lifting Complex in Sculpt 10 revitalizes and strengthens the skin. It is visibly firmer, more toned, gaining in elasticity and springiness.
Features are lifted
The face shape is re-sculpted and its contours are clearer.
The face regains the firmness of its youth
Combined with revolutionary textures that wrap the skin in an amazing elastic, protective matrix, the lifting effect felt upon application is spectacular.