The philosophy of Capture Totale cremes

Discover the 1st collection of global age-defying cremes capable of specifically stimulating the precious regenerative power of youth-replenishing stem cells, regardless of a woman's age or lifestyle.

A solution to every skin concern

The Capture Totale cremes are available in three customized textures, to meet the specific needs of every skin type.
Infused with Longoza extract from the Dior Gardens, it delivers exceptional global age-defying effectiveness. The skin is restructured and appears smoother, firmer and more luminous.
Infused with Longoza extract and Floral Cold Cream from the Dior Gardens, it delivers a prodigious nourishing and global age-defying power. The skin is drenched in nutrients and fully repaired, appearing firmer and plumper.
Enriched with Longoza and Grape Seed extracts, it repairs all visible signs of skin aging and fatigue. Stress wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is firmer and the face appears rested.

Actively listening

In order to precisely meet the specific needs of stem cells, Dior Science has developed 3 ultra-targeting natural extracts: Longoza extract, Floral Cold Cream and Grape Seed extract.

Each of these ingredients has been carefully selected to deliver a tailor-made solution, based on a woman's age and lifestyle conditions. 

Taking skincare to the next level

Exclusive to Capture Totale, the Longoza Cellular complexTM is capable of targeting the skin's deepest and most valuable stem cells - the origin of its youthful beauty.

Creating moments in time

Capture Totale cremes offer a true moment of escape for women through an intimate, sensory experience daily, thanks to 3 extraordinary textures:
An illuminating, rich & satiny texture for the Multi-Perfection Creme;
a nourishing, velvety rich & silky texture for the Nurturing Rich Creme; 
a relaxingly cocooning, soft & velvety texture for the Night Creme... 

Enhancing your beauty

These cremes take action today, to make you more beautiful tomorrow, at every moment in your life.