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21 Night renewal treatment

An expert formula for 21 nights of intense Global Anti-Ageing correction

The 21 Night Renewal Treatment is the most expert formula by Dior for correction of all visible signs of aging and exceptional skin renewal in 21 nights.

This 3-phase program transforms the skin thanks to the complementary action of 3 serums with a gradual concentration of active ingredients:

As of week 1, the skin is incredibly smoother and more even; its radiance is boosted.

During week 2, the skin texture becomes refined and more uniform.

At the end of week 3, the skin regains its tone and elasticity.

Visibly younger-looking at the end of the intensive treatment, the skin seems restored and enlivened with spectacular energy and radiance. Apply in the evening before the CAPTURE TOTALE Intensive Night Restorative Creme, which ideally extends the action to maintain long-lasting results.

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Capture Totale
21 Night renewal treatment