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Eau Fraîche

Eau de Toilette

A fresh and invigorating citrus-based Eau, the forerunner of fresh fragrances

A success since its creation, this fresh chypre with invigorating citrus notes remains a cult classic for its elegance and freshness. The essence of well-being, like a breath of fresh air.

olfactory notes

  • Top note


    All Mediterranean countries grow mandarin trees, but the best mandarins are produced in Sicily. The different colors of mandarin, yellow, green and red, correspond to the different stages of ripeness. Essence of mandarin is a citrus note, offering fragrances a fresh and fruity accent. Mandarin is the exotic top note of Eau Fraîche.

  • Heart note


    Grown in Paraguay, petitgrain is obtained by distilling the leaves and reeds of the bitter orange tree. It is used as a base in colognes. Fresh, green, invigorating with a hint of bitterness, petitgrain reveals its floral accents as the heart note of Eau Fraîche.

  • Base note


    Patchouli is a plant originally from Indonesia and Malaysia. A key element of the perfumer's palette, its essence is obtained by steam distilling the dried leaves. It embodies both feminine and masculine sensuality as a base note in Eau Fraîche.

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Eau Fraîche
Eau de Toilette