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Miss Dior

Purse Spray - Eau de Parfum

Spray 20ml, Purse Spray 20ml + 2 refill 20 ml

The elegance of a sensual floral Chypre

All the fragrance signature of Miss Dior Eau de parfum in this couture-inspired refillable purse spray. For an ultra-feminine air and new, more intimate sensuality.

Purse Spray 20ml + 2 refill

olfactory notes

  • Top note


    All of the countries in the Mediterranean basin cultivate the mandarin tree, but it is in Sicily that the finest fruit is produced. There are several varieties of mandarin: yellow, green and red, all of which correspond to different degrees of ripeness of the fruit. Mandarin essence is a citrus note with a fresh, fruity quality.  

  • Heart note


    A symbol of feminine softness, jasmine is a rich and faceted flower. Its absolute native to India offers strength yet delicacy.

  • Base note


    Patchouli is a plant native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Indispensable to any perfumer, patchouli essence is obtained through steam distillation of the dried leaves. It is to be found in chypre, woody and oriental fragrances.

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Miss Dior
Purse Spray - Eau de Parfum