Discover La Collection Privée Christian Dior

"Rare ingredients, daring olfactory statements and creation that knows no bounds. This collection reflects the freedom that only true luxury can provide. A delightful recreation for a Perfumer."
François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator.


François Demachy himself chooses and selects the ingredients throughout the world for the House of Dior. The fragrances in La Collection Privée Christian Dior begin as if in a laboratory of ideas. Creative boldness, revealed by exploring new territories and a genuine olfactory curiosity.


Faithful to the Couturier's calling, La Collection Privée Christian Dior reflects the expertise and talent of its Perfumer-Creator François Demachy, who drew his inspiration from the unique heritage of the House.
Handcrafted in a traditional manner, these fragrances benefit from all of Dior's know-how and expertise.


Concise, essential, pure formulas based on ingredients rigorously selected by François Demachy, such as the Florentine Iris, Oud Wood from Indonesia or Jasmine from Grasse, grown exclusively for the House of Dior.


Developed in the Dior Perfume Creation workshop, La Collection Privée Christian Dior expresses Dior's expertise and know-how.

"Respect tradition and dare to be bold; you can't have one without the other."
Christian Dior


Oud, amber, rose, musk: four ingredients, four realms of possibility, four areas of exploration. The four major ingredients of the four perfume oils that form Les Élixirs Précieux. A collection created by François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, that can be combined with the fragrances of La Collection Privée Christian Dior to brighten and contrast the scents, offering a whole new experience.


La Collection Privée Christian Dior fragrances are placed in their box manually. 
The women of the workshop, with gloved hands, place each bottle in its case, delicately position the label on the fragrance and make sure that the visual result will be impeccable when the box set is opened.