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Dior Addict fragrances celebrate joie de vivre, the art of seduction and being free, a subtle alliance of freshness, daring and sensuality. They resonate like a hymn to youthfulness according to Christian Dior, "the privilege of being the age of madness, dancing at any hour and at all costs, the time of frivolous love stories...


When Christian Dior revolutionized fashion he created much more than a new style. He was seeking to "make women not only more beautiful but also happier." The visionary couturier saw himself as a "purveyor of happiness," and inspired a new energy by designing a new, seductive and exciting silhouette.

Dior Addict has inherited this taste for happiness and joie de vivre. A carefree universe filled with laughter and vivacious looks, rhythm, color, and femininity.

The Dior Addict woman is full of energy, her beauty etched in her cat-like grace, rebellious look and sulky pout. Her fragrance is but a whimsical, cheerful seduction.


A young woman bursting with joie de vivre, the Dior Addict heroine's beauty is characterized by her cat-like grace, rebellious look and sultry pout. Her fragrance is but a whimsical, cheerful seduction. Outrageously seductive, the Dior Addict heroine seems to materialize images from the unforgettable film "And God Created Woman."  She charms and then forgets, entices and then couldn't care less. With her, Dior Addict perpetuates the Saint Tropez myth of the cavalier and carefree woman, she who is joyous and rejects boredom… For her, a new fragrance was born under the opulent name of Eau Délice.

Discover the new delightful new Dior Addict Eau Délice film...

The art of pleasure and being free…


Fruity, Fresh, Floral or Oriental: 4 universes of seduction.

A universe composed of 4 fragrances with contrasting olfactory constructions.
Dior Addict is a concentration of all of Dior's energy and seduction,
so that the Dior woman can radiate, captivate and seduce…

With Eau Délice, Dior's Master Perfumer François Demachy, has created a fragrance that is an "explosion of charm", embodying the youthful elegance of a young woman who is comfortable in her skin. Its scent will instantly appeal and quickly seduce.
Behind this refreshing spontaneity, Eau Délice's construction is finely faceted. It is an addictive, beckoning generosity, a love that knows no bounds:

"The name Eau Délice conjures the exact image of the fragrance.
It's a 'delicious' fragrance you'll savor once 'tasted'." François Demachy.