Les Extraits

“The public has little idea of the care and worry which goes into the search for a new perfume which they see simply in a little packet. It is such an absorbing occupation that today I feel myself as much
a parfumier as a couturier”.
Christian Dior

Extrait de Parfum

The Extrait is the primary expression of fragrance in the history of modern perfumery and the most accomplished form of the perfumer's craft. From the richness of its natural ingredients that develop differently on each person's skin, to its extremely high concentration, and its sensual, timeless application that transports us back
to the legend of fine Perfumery.
For François Demachy, the Extrait is the soul of a fragrance, and above all a development of the primary accord to reveal its full density. A subtle exercise of simplicity and sophistication that commands a keen understanding of proportions and a quest for the most expressive dosages. Floral absolutes are the signature of an Extrait. François Demachy favoured them for the voluptuous quality they bring to the composition. For working with absolutes is the only way to delve into the very heart of the flower to capture its substance and intensity, and sometimes reveal some truly unexpected facets. The Extrait de Parfum develops fully on the skin, unfurling a deep trail of scent.  

"The extract is the enhanced olfactory idea of the accord. It is the original accord, the essence of the fragrance." François Demachy

For each Extrait de Parfum,
an exceptional expression

Today, the House of Dior boasts five emblematic Extraits de Parfum, five manifestos that celebrate the beauty of flowers, the craftsmanship of humans and the time that goes into creation. François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, is their author. He gives us his own vision of a rare art of perfumery that perpetuates now more than ever the creative inspiration of Christian Dior.

Rose de Mai Absolute

Every Dior Parfum contains Rose de Mai Absolute. The queen of perfumery, this ancient rose is grown exclusively in the Grasse region of southern France. It has a full-bodied, powdery scent with hints of honey and pepper. Rose de Mai is cultivated exclusively for Dior in the south of France by two flower growers that share Dior's quest for quality raw materials: the Clos de Callian and the Domaine de Manon in Grasse. 

Totally unspoiled areas, unique by the quality of their soil, their climate and their geography. 
At the heart of the Domaine de Manon, for three generations the same family has perpetuated the tradition of growing flowers for perfume. Rare and unique know-how that has been safeguarded through an exclusive partnership with the House of Dior. 

"I wanted to return to long-forgotten techniques."
Christian Dior

The Art of the Extrait Bottle by Dior

Precious hand-made bottles flaunt noble materials and exquisite decoration. The secret to their finishings lies in the skilled craftsmanship of the ladies in the Dior workshop and in the countless techniques used to enhance each bottle's beauty.  
The ladies of the workshop perform techniques gained through experience and passed down from generation to generation. Like the Art of Baudruchage: a traditional technique that consists of sealing the neck of the bottle with a natural membrane called a baudruche. With great dexterity, the baudruche is held in place by thin gold or silver thread, tightly bound to ensure the bottles are perfectly air- and watertight. The ladies of the workshop also tie the bow, wrap the thread and affix the seal. All the tricks of the trade that make the bottles so magical.

How to apply an Extrait de Parfum

A tactile experience, the Parfum is applied sparingly, directly on the skin, behind the ear, on the inside of the elbow or wrist. 
The Extrait de Parfum thus unfurls in a deep trail of scent with the touch of timeless femininity.