Discover Miss Dior
So Miss, So Dior

For a perfume to have lasting hold, it needs to first hold
the heart of its creator.
Christian Dior

THE CAMPAIGN, It's Miss Actually

"The story of a singulary beautiful and inspiring woman taking the boldest of steps toward a future wholly hers.” Anton Corbjin, Director
More avant-garde and visionary than ever before, Miss Dior needed to be seen in a fresh new light. Anton Corbijn, the famous New Wave director, pictured her with a brand new vision. 
He was given free reign to create his Miss Dior, to colour her with irreverence.
To shake things up and bring out her sassy, adventurous side.
He imagined her a determined woman with a spring in her step, ready for anything.

A fragrance of freedom

Discover Miss Dior, the fragrance cherished by Christian Dior. The perfume of boldness, renewal and freedom for a modern woman. A perfume that is easy to love, instantly charming. Yet hard to explain, nuanced with mystery.
Miss Dior is a floral chypre symphony, immediately desirable. Its facets mingle into a joyous dance that reveals no beginning or end.

Chypre is the perfume archetype. It is a special accord that fits its own framework but allows itself a good deal of freedom. Like Miss Dior, in a way…
François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

Love is in the air

Perfuming your hair is a gesture as delicate as it is evocative. For years, women have been scenting their hair, the indication of a mysterious femininity. The new Miss Dior perfumed hair mist sculpts a seductive elegance.
Miss Dior Hair Mist possesses true intensity, while keeping hair fresh. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses the hair in a sensual trail.

Miss Dior, Exceptional Bottle

The Miss Dior bottle, an immediately recognizable icon, symbolizes the Dior elegance that has spanned the ages. It is a genuine Couture manifesto. 
Steeped in the eternal Dior codes of style, it displays a modern houndstooth check, engraved on the glass. The couture bow tied at the neck of the bottle symbolizes all the spirit and audacity of Miss Dior. 
Today marks the creation of a rare and generous bottle, adorned with a splendid lace-embroidered bow. An extremely luxurious work of craftsmanship, specially designed for Miss Dior Eau de Parfum and dressed in its dream lace.