Dior Science

With a cutting-edge spirit, Dior Science collaborates with excellent partners in order to place the most specialized scientific advances at the service of a unique philosophy: to construct the beauty and youth of the skin in a lasting fashion in order to make women more beautiful today and into the future.With its cutting-edge spirit, Dior Science collaborates with the best partners in order to incorporate the most cutting-edge scientific advances within the spirit of our skincare philosophy: to improve the beauty and youth of the skin over time in order to make women more beautiful today and in the future.

Excellence at the heart of Dior skincare

For 40 years Dior Science has been pushing the boundaries of excellence and innovation. The 260 researchers from its 3 research centers in France, China and Japan are the guardians of the most cutting-edge specializations: molecular biology, dermatology, chemistry, genomics and ethnobotany.
They work closely with some of the most prestigious universities in the world: Stanford University in the United States, the University of Bradford in England, the University of Modena in Italy, the Institut Pierre et Marie Curie in France...

These exclusive partnerships allow Dior Science to be first in line when incorporating the most recent advances in scientific research into the world of cosmetics. This ongoing effort towards excellence and innovation is supported by a portfolio of over 300 patents for LVMH Recherche.

Pioneering science at the service of the skin

Thanks to its exceptional partnerships and collaborations, the history of Dior skincare is punctuated by innovative technologies. Notably, Dior Science introduced the use of liposomes in cosmetics in 1986 with the Capture range, a veritable anti-aging revolution.
In 2003 it revealed the role of Aquaporins which make water circulate from one cell to another and developed the Hyudra Life range around this discovery.
Dior Science has also obtained pioneering knowledge of stem cells since 2008: with Capture Totale, it marked exceptional progress in slowing down the skin's aging process.

A unique approach to the quest for long-lasting beauty and youth

Driven by Christian Dior's desire to make women beautiful and radiant, another distinctive feature of Dior skincare is its more moderate approach to beauty and youth, an approach that is at the same time intelligent, respectful, and able to be maintained.
Dior Science's philosophy of daily maintenance is intelligent because it takes into consideration the skin in its entirety, without focusing on a single target. It does not attempt to attack the skin; its daily objective is to maintain, protect and repair its essential structures that form its youth resources while at the same time respecting its natural balance.

By working every day to maintain and actively nourish the skin's youth resources, Dior Science constructs its beauty in a long-lasting manner, in order to make women beautiful not only today, but also in the future.
Women are immediately aware of the results of this promise of beauty and continue to notice them in the long term. But beyond this perception, the effectiveness of Dior skincare is also measured according to strict objectives before being validated by experienced dermatologists.