Discover Dior Prestige

As our skin is a fragile treasure, Dior has created Dior Prestige: exceptional skincare so powerful and respectful, it is suitable for even the most delicate skin.

Dior Prestige, exceptional age-defying skincare by Dior

To satisfy even the most demanding skin, Dior has created Dior Prestige skicnare. It is concentrated in one of the most effective revitalizing ingredients: Rose de Granville Nectar. This ingredient is so powerful and respectful of the skin, it is suitable for even that which is most delicate. 
A more complete action on all visible signs of aging is now possible. The skin reveals all its delicate beauty. 

Rose de Granville, extraordinary vitality

In Granville, in the childhood garden of Christian Dior, Dior Scientists discovered a rose variety that grows on a cliff face and is capable of thriving under extreme conditions.
A selection process involving 7 generations of roses was required to tame its wild nature and exalt its powers. Rose de Granville was born, boasting biologically demonstrated extraordinary cellular vitality.
* In vitro test.

A rose that boasts twice the vital energy of a traditional rose*.

The Dior Gardens, organic cultivation and the source of powerful active ingredients

Dior cultivates Rose de Granville in France, in open soil following organic farming principles. Only in this way can it fully express its immense vital power. Its extracts are incredibly rich. They offer cellular diversity and thus a biological strength far greater than that of rose extracts obtained in laboratories.


Dior researchers have developed exclusive processes to extract the properties of Rose de Granville, while ensuring that they remain pure and intact.
Convinced of its infinite cosmetic potential, these experts have an incredible collection of extracts that are continuously analyzed by Dior Science.
9 years of research were required to select, ecologically transform and concentrate the Nectar. 

It provides even the most delicate skin with a 3-fold action:
- It soothes and helps repair micro-inflammations that cause skin aging.
- It intensely revitalizes the skin, deeply reconstructing it.
- It perfectly protects the skin, leaving it fully replenished.

Micro-inflammation is an inflammatory reaction that prevents the skin from entering the final phase of self-repair. It damages the skin's dermal and epidermal structures. Today, micro-inflammations are recognized as being one of the major causes of skin aging.

An alchemy of strength and delicateness

The Rose de Granville Nectar is both extremely powerful and incredibly delicate. It is customized by the Dior Master Formulators in order to preserve its potency and boost its elegant sensory qualities The finest raw materials are combined in optimal quantities to create the unique feel that characterizes Dior Prestige skincare. A virtuoso masterpiece with a rich, sensual and opulent texture that infuses the skin with a blend of potency and pleasure.


Beauty is revealed in that which is most delicate. The skin is smoother, more supple and plump. Its rare, refined substance enables it to be caressed by the subtle light and flourishing life that sustain it.
Exceptional rejuvenating performances measured by an independent dermatologist*:
The skin is smoother +24%
The skin is firmer +32%
The skin's texture is more even +72%
The skin is more supple + 86%
The skin is more radiant +69%
* Clinical measurement on 30 women after application of the creme