Artistic craftsmanship

Christian Dior always wished to give his perfumes bottles to reflect their exceptional quality. On the crossroads between fashion and jewelry, Dior has created some exceptional bottles, true works of art. This heritage is continued today with limited editions of unequaled luxury.

The Dior amphora

From 1949, Christian Dior paired his perfumes with with noble crystal flacons crafted by the Baccarat workshops. The famous glassworks in Lorraine created the label's legendary amphora flacon, a luxurious bottle for the House's first exceptional perfumes. White and gold, finely chiseled, its shape is at the same time round and slender. It symbolizes the femininity that Christian Dior's New Look celebrated. The fruit of the expert work of Baccarat's virtuoso glassmakers is the bottle for J'adore, today adopted by women the world over.

At Baccarat, as at the Dior workshops, manual work at the service of beauty demands a strong knowledge of ancient techniques and centuries-old manual skills.

Exceptional bottles

Still today, J'adore inspires in Baccarat the most creative productions requiring unequaled technical prowess: The Exceptional Editions.

The Exceptional Editions of the J'adore bottle were created in collaboration with Baccarat and Dior Fine Jewelry. With just 8 copies produced worldwide, the Exception Edition, with its solid gold necklace, illustrates with unequaled splendor the artistic and aesthetic compatibility of the two prestigious brands.

The bottle; the soul of Dior perfume

For Dior, the perfume bottle reflects the soul of the fragrance. The label has therefore created emblematic objects: the famous Dior amphora, the hound's tooth check motif of the Miss Dior bottle, the Eau Sauvage flask, the feline flacon of Poison...
Of rare refinement, the range of Dior fragrance bottles illustrates the desire for beautiful materials characteristic of the brand. Dior calls upon unique areas of expertise through its historic collaboration with Baccarat, but also with French artistic craftsmen and its own Fine Jewelry workshops.