Discover Dior Addict

Discover Dior Addict

A daytime bag must be simple yet elegant.
Christian Dior


Soft, lightweight calfskin with a decidedly contemporary cut: Dior Addict is the perfect everyday go-to bag. This luxurious shoulder bag with easily accessible contents is the ideal bag for any occasion. Dior Addict is simple but sophisticated, bringing out the beauty of leather in its purest state. The contrast among several colours of leather and of hardware is visually captivating. The graphic three-tone effect of Dior Addict appears in a number of colour combinations, drawing on the creative energy of Raf Simons' designs.


The design and details of Dior Addict reveal a subtle sophistication directly inspired by Dior ready-to-wear collections. In particular, these meticulously crafted bags are a reference to Raf Simons' characteristic folded sleeves. Dior Addict is a concentration of leatherwork expertise revealing impeccable finishes such as delicately inlaid handles with hand-dyed edges.  The bag's design, enhanced by the exceptional quality of its materials, is both soft and  structured, making Dior Addict the symbol of a simple  yet luxuriously studied elegance.


Dior Addict expresses its refinement through particularly thoughtful details that quickly become addictive. Its metallic charms are arrayed in radiant colours evocative of the Croisière collection. The removable Echappée pouch is an essential accessory that goes perfectly with the bag and makes it easy to organise its contents. A coordinating line of wallets adds to the bag's practicality, and offers a continuation of the unique charm of Dior Addict. Dior Addict brightens the everyday with the characteristic excellence of the Dior fashion that inspired it.