Discover Dior Granville

Discover Dior Granville

Flowers are the most heavenly creation after women.


The Dior Granville bag takes its name from the town in Normandy where Christian Dior grew up. Throughout his life, the couturier cherished happy memories of his childhood spent in this magnificent family house perched on the high ground of Granville. It was in the immense park which surrounds it, that the young Christian Dior discovered his passion for nature, and particularly for flowers, that inspired so many creations. Speaking of the Granville property, Christian Dior declared, "My life, my style owe nearly everything to its position and its architecture." Today the Dior Granville bag honours the eternal inspiration of this unique location that continues to mark the landscape of Dior collections.


Dior Granville is the fruit of expert craftsmanship requiring precise and delicate manual skills. Its cannage embroidery, inspired by the emblematic Dior motif, is entirely hand-stitched. Available in lambskin with its supple, velvety feel or in luxurious hand-tinted snakeskin, Dior Granville may be carried in the hand or on the shoulder and is suitable for every occasion. Inspired by the exceptional heritage of Dior's founding couturier, Dior Granville is a reflection of the cosmopolitan elegance that it Dior's eternal signature.