Discover Lady Dior

Discover Lady Dior

The couturier knows that every woman is a princess.


Lady Dior was born of a desire to create an instantly recognisable bag with a strong identity. Iconic. Inspired by couture, a new bag was thus created in 1994 in the Dior workshops: elegant, carried in the hand, it boldly broke with the trends that dominated the era. Its code name: 'Chouchou' or favourite. Two years later, it was baptised Lady Dior as a tribute to Princess Diana who  fell in love with this unique accessory on a visit to Paris. As soon as it hit the boutiques, Lady Dior was instantly successful. Today personified by the beautiful and talented Marion Cotillard, the face of Lady Dior since 2008, the bag has never ceased to win over women since its creation. It truly has become Dior's bag of reference.


Lady Dior has constructed its identity around certain emblematic Dior codes. Its cannage stitching, the signature Dior motif, consists of a network of diagonal and perpendicular stitching. This precise harmony reveals its cushions of quilted leather, like a scattering of shimmering faceted diamonds. The arched handle, the symbol of a feminine and elegant gesture, gives Lady Dior its 'couture' style. The jewellery charms that adorn Lady Dior are adorned with a fine layer of real gold. Hanging from one of its handles, the four letters of Dior sway to the bag's movements with a slight jingling sound. Lady Dior has become one of Dior's most iconic accessories and bears the mark of its inimitable style.