Discover Miss Dior

Discover Miss Dior

True luxury requires authentic raw materials and true craftsmanship...


12 February 1947. In his salons at 30, avenue Montaigne, Christian Dior presented his very first collection. His sensual creations celebrated triumphant femininity: it was the beginning of a veritable revolution, dubbed the New Look. To accompany these avant-garde silhouettes, the couturier asked perfumer Paul Vacher to create a modern and sophisticated fragrance: "Make me a perfume that smells of love", he asked. An elegant green chypre, Miss Dior was to become the perfume of the New Look. Today it lends its name to the Miss Dior bag. Directly inspired by the world of Dior fragrances and haute couture, Miss Dior is the accessory of free and modern femininity, able to break free of fashion codes.


Miss Dior is assembled entirely by hand by Dior's craftsmen according to the purest of leather-crafting traditions. Mounted on a mould, each leather piece is stitched in order to fit the structured silhouette of Miss Dior perfectly. As elegant as it is practical, Miss Dior is crafted with infinite meticulousness, even on the inside: its smooth leather lining with cannage stitching proclaims its modernity through an elegant combination of contrasting colours. On the outside the cannage, Dior's signature motif, is created using a pillar machine: every dot and thread are carefully positioned in order to obtain this unique faceted surface with its luxuriously supple feel.


A true fashion icon, the Miss Dior bag proclaims its incomparable elegance right down to the smallest details. A key, kept in its leather pouch, allows Miss Dior to be locked and its contents kept secret. Discreetly hanging from the chain, charms capture the gaze, appearing to dance delicately when the bag moves. The Miss Dior chain with its dense, soft links is pleasant to handle and comes in two lengths, short or long, allowing it to be worn in a multitude of manners.  Miss Dior is thus the perfect bag for every occasion: simultaneously modern and retro, free and casual, it is the signature of a free personality that has fun with fashion.