Dior Fusion sneakers
with embroidered flowers


The family of Fusion sneakers is growing!

In Autumn 2015, two new designs will join the emblematic slip-on: an ultra-modern Velcro sneaker and a strikingly fashionable high-top. Enriched with high-tech details inspired by the world of sport and adorned with feminine and futuristic embroidery, they perfectly embody the fusion of urban spirit and the Couture expertise of Dior.
The colourful rubber sole brings a final, playful and surprising, touch to these unique designs. Colourful and feminine, delicate and urban, decidedly unclassifiable... they embody the new everyday style.

Editor's Choice

Dior invites you to discover a designer selection.

  • Elegant and


    Inspired by the world of Raf Simons, this shoe elegantly combines futuristic techniques with an innovative structure.

  • Colourful and


    Simultaneously delicate and sporty with their finely embroidered sequin flowers and rubber soles