Discover Dior Grand Soir

Discover Dior Grand Soir

"Luxury accepts all the vagaries of the imagination"
Christian Dior

The inspiration behind the collection

Since 2010, Dior Horlogerie has pursued its tribute to the Dior heritage and its infinite palette of colours with a collection of one-of-a-kind or reproducible pieces baptised Dior Grand Soir. The timepieces in this collection combine the sophisticated and refined vocabulary of the house of Dior with watchmaking terms such as oscillating weights, bezels, calibres and dials.

Exceptional expertise

It takes rare and unique expertise to create the Dior Grand Soir collection. The mother-of-pearl dial involves extremely delicate inlay and engraving work by an expert and is then entirely hand-painted by a miniaturist.

The colour

This collection, a vibrant tribute to the talents of Christian Dior as a colourist, is tinted with soft and zesty shades. Pink gold, diamond, sapphires and emeralds decorate the Dior Grand Soir n°13.